This page is to help everyone find everything around the site and navigate even easier.^^

Home / Main Page

On the Main / Home Page you can see album covers with tracklist. The given lyrics is always highlighted on the right side of the album cover. At the end of the list you will find a (more…) link which leads you to the lyrics and can read the full post.

The first few posts are always Featured posts which mean these are lyrics from popular artists. The maximum of these posts is always five and these are framed with grey lines. Here you also can find posts that are the most popular among netizens or is the most awaited lyrics. These are marked with a hot_icon_small sign and a hot mark appears in the right corner of the album cover as well.

At the end of the Home Page there’s a Load more posts button instead of ‘Older’ and ‘Newer’ articles links, but usually the site automatically loads the next 10 posts.


On the right side of the page (Sidebar) You can see how many ♪TUNE UPPERs♪ are online and how many visited the site since its opening. Right under it is the Artist of the Month which changes monthly depending on the popularity of the artist on the web. Clicking on the picture of the Artist leads you to all the lyrics of the Artist on this site. Under it you can always find a Poll which is there to ask ♪TUNE UPPERs♪ some questions and make the site more customized for Your demands. ^^

The Categories list is right under the Poll. It’s organized in ABC order for an easier navigation and avoiding mess on the site. After the name you can see in brackets how many posts are in that category. The Support  Sign is to encourage you to leave some comments since I am working hard to maintain the site at least a Thank You comment is really appreciated!

Under it, still in the sidebar you can see the 5 most Recent Comments on posts and the short version of the Disclaimer of rights. The Credits section is showing the pages lyrics are permanently posted from, Soulmates are sites affiliated or might being interesting for you.

Flag Counter shows different countries ♪TUNE UPPERs♪ visited the site from. Clicking on the table navigates you to the Flag Counter statistics page of ♪TUNE UP♪ Lyrics. Under it you can find a Calendar (clicking on blue colored dates shows you posts on that day), Archives organized into months and years, the Tags used and a Meta section for wordpress users.

At the end of the sidebar there’s a section where you can subscribe to new posts and Follow the blog via e-mail. There are some Twitter Updates, RSS Feed for some who use RSS to get fresh posts.

There are 2 Search boxes in the sidebar: one at the top and one at the bottom.


Lyrics Posts

Each post starts with the album art and tracklist in which the current lyrics is highlighted, under them you can read the lyrics (always in a romanized, translated and hangul form aligned in the center). Below text there are pages and people Credited in Italic letters. Right under the credits sometimes you can find Notes also in Italic which usually gives information if the given song is used as a soundtrack etc.

A new function is the officialyoutubepv button. If you click on the picture, it leads you to the Official YouTube Music Video Clip of the related lyrics.

A explicit_lyrics may appear next to the album cover and tracklist. This means that the lyrics is advised to be read by 16+, however this site is all to share and I won’t ban you from reading anything you want.

Right under some Sharing buttons to various sites, there is a Like button for registered wordpress users. Tags of the post on which if you click, you will see all the posts with the same tag and a Comment box. Under Comments there is the Date the lyrics was posted, the Category in which it is in (clicking on it will show you all the lyrics posted in that certain Category) and the Number of comments made so far. Unlike on the Home Page here you can find the Older Posts and Newer Posts links.

Album Lyrics Post

It shows you the album cover and tracklist but here tracks are in Bold and as Links to the certain lyrics. Tracks crossed with a line are instrumental songs which have no lyrics or remixes which have the same lyrics as the original song. If there is a comming_soon_red-001 sign next to a track, it means that lyrics will be posted later, usually in a few days. If you see N/A next to a track then that lyrics of the track is not available yet, but as soon as it is, it will be posted.

Profile Posts

Its up built is quite easy. You will find a picture of the artist there, a short description about the band, then the Members if there are, then the label company they are working for, clicking on the label picture will open the official site of the company. Under it you can find the Discography of the band / artist sorted in time from the newest to the oldest downwards. Under the discography you can see the sites credited and Links. Clicking on each picture or link will open official sites of the artist. And in the end there is a logo of the band if it exists on which if you click it will lead you to the Lyrics category on this site where you can find all the lyrics uploaded here. At the end of the post you can find all usual features: Sharing, Liking, Tags and the Comment box.


♪ALBUM LYRICS♪ ~Korean / Chinese / Japanese / Thai / Other~ & ♪SOUNDTRACK♪ ~Korean / Other~

On these pages you can find lyrics organized under Artists and Albums in ABC order from the latest to the oldest. Clicking on Artist’s Logos will lead you to their Category and clicking on Album Covers will lead you to the Album Lyrics post of the artist. You also can Share the pages to various other websites and can like the pages.


These are almost the same as Album Lyrics Pages except the order of albums. The page is organized in Categories of Celebrations and Labels, under them albums are organized yearly.


It’s for you to leave some fingerprints on ♪TUNE UP♪. You can Share and Like the page as well.


This page shows all the artists’ profiles that are available on the site. Like on the other pages these are organized in alphabetical order as well.


It Explains rights and rules around the page briefly and there’s a Banner if you want to become affiliates, share or credit the site. Here you can only Comment.


It is the page for asking. Its buildup is the same as RULES’ & DISCLAIMER’s.

I hope you found this page useful and helps you lurking around ♪TUNE UP♪. Thanks for stopping by!


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