TVXQ – Space (Between The Sky and The Ocean, Whisper of…)

tvxq-2005summersinglehiyayaTVXQ – 2005 Summer Single – Hi Ya Ya



01 Hi Ya Ya (Summer Day)

02 Space (Between The Sky and The Ocean, Whisper of…)

03 I Wish… (Because It Belongs To You)


Boiji anhado nukkil so isso

Nul na obshin arumdaumdo gujo
Arumdabdanun dano sogesoman to ollassulgoya

Gakkum uljoghal temyon more wie nuwo
Ne nundongjae damgyojidon hanul

Todaninun gurumi sogsagidud gonnejuodon
Jaggo khun gomindul
Ijen al god gatha naui nol
Nol wihe hal su inun modungod
Gujo gomawo


Even though I can’t see it, I can feel it.
Like the wind, You’re beautiful without me.

I become reminded of you,
Just with the word beautiful…

When I feel tears are about to fall,
I lie on the sand, And look up at the sky about me.

Somehow the clouds take away my worries,
Helping me answer my own questions.
I’m here for you.
I’m thankful for being able
To do everything for you…


보이지 않아도 느낄 수 있어
바람처럼 늘 너 없인 아름다움도 그저
아름답다는 단어 속에서만 떠올랐을거야..
가끔 울적할 때면 모래 위에 누워
내 눈동자에 담겨지던 하늘
떠다니는 구름이 속삭이듯 건네주었던
작고 큰 고민들 이젠 알 것 같아
나의 너, 널 위해 할 수 있는 모든것,
그저 고마워..

credit: @mojim @nautiljon @mylovetvxq.BP @pinkrazy.WP @romanization.WP



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