TVXQ – Hug (Chinese Version)

tvxq-triangletaiwanedTVXQ – TRI-ANGLE (Taiwan Edition)



01 Believe (Chinese Version)
02 Tri-Angle (Chinese Version)
03 My Little Princess (Chinese Version)
04 The Way U Are (Chinese Version)

05 Hug (Chinese Version)


Zhi yao rang wo zuo yi tian ni wen nuan de shui chuan OH BABY
Ke yi wen rou de ba ni lou zai wo de huai zhong hong zhe ni ru mian

Meng zhong mei ge xi xiao dong zuo
Qin sheng zai ni de er bian su shuo du hui rang wo da bai
Suo you guai shou zai ni meng li OH

Mei you wo ni ru he du guo ni you shi zen yang xiao mo shi jian
Hui bu hui ai wo hao xiang ting ni shuo shi fu you wo ai ni de duo

Qiao qiao cang zai ni chou ti li cheng wei ni xin qing de ri ji
Bu neng zhi dao de ni de xiao mi mi
Quan bu fang jin wo de xin li hao hao de

Wo huan xiang you yi tian neng bian cheng ni de mao mi OH BABY
Ta ke yi pin chang ni dao de niu nai er qie hai zai ni shou xin tao qi

Mei ci he ta kai xin wan shua bao jing ta shi dong zuo de qing mi
Du hui rang wo gan dao you yi xie xiao xiao de du ji OH

Zhe xie jiu shi wo di ai qing
Zhi you ni shi zhong zai wo yan li

Wu lun zai na li zhi xiang kan zhe ni
Mei you shui neng jiang ni dai ti

Na pa zhi you yi tian ye hao wo xiang zuo ni de qing mi qing ren
Sheng li de jiao ao you shang de fan nao
Wo yuan yi yong xin qu qing ting
Zhi wei ni

In my heart in my soul
Ai yuan ben kong bai mo sheng dui wo shi na men de nan dong
UH BABY xiang yao ba shi jie shang suo you mei hao du gei ni
Ji shi zai meng li

Zhe xie jiu shi wo de ai qing xi wang neng yi zhi kan zhe ni
You yi xie gan ji zai zhe xing fu li
Wo nu li qu wan mei zhi ji

Wu lun he shi zai ni shen bian wo men yi ding ke yi xiang lian
Lou ni zai huai zhong jin jin bao zhe ni wo xiang yao ke yi yong yuan de ai zhe ni


If you let me be your warm bed for a day oh baby
I could tenderly hold you in my arms
Soothe you to sleep

For every little movement you make while you’re dreaming
I often whisper in your ears
It lets me defeat all of the monsters in your dreams

Oh How would you get by without me?
How would you pass the time?
Can you love me? I really want to hear you say
If you love me as much as I love you

I’ll quietly hide in your drawer and turn into your diary of emotions
Your little secrets that people can’t know about
I’ll put them all into my heart nicely

I imagined that one day I could turn into your kitty oh baby
It can taste the milk that you pour and stay with you
Being mischievous

Every time you start to joke with it
And the loving way that you hug it tightly
It all makes me feel the slightest bit jealous

This is my love
Only you have always been in my eyes all along
No matter where, I only want to be with you
No one could ever replace you

Even for only one day is okay
I want to be your dearest lover
The pride of your victories
And the sadness of your troubles
I’m willing to diligently listen to it all,
Just for you

In my heart, in my soul
Love once was blank and unfamiliar
It was so hard for me to understand Oh oh baby
I want to give the all of the best things in the world to you
Even if it’s only in dreams Woo~

This is my love
I hope I can always see you
I am thankful for this happiness
I will do my best to perfect myself (perfect myself)

No matter when, I will always be by your side (by your side)
We can definitely love each other
Holding you in my arms, tightly hugging you
I want to be able to love you forever


只要让我做一天你温暖的睡床 oh baby


会不会爱我 好想听你说

不能知道的 你的小秘密
全部关进我心里 好好地

我幻想有一天能变成你的猫咪 oh baby


无论在哪里 只想看着你


In my heart in my soul
对我是那么的难懂 ooh…baby
即使在梦里 woo…

有一些感激 藏在心窝里

搂你在怀中 轻轻抱着你

credit: @mojim @kkbox @music.daum @nautiljon @mylovetvxq.BP


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