Nell – Cliff Parade

nell-slipawayNell – Slip Away



01 The Ending
02 Go
03 In Days Gone By
04 The Day Before (feat. Lee Min Ki)
05 Standing In The Rain
06 Losing Control
07 Beautiful Stranger

08 Cliff Parade

09 Hopeless Valentine
10 Slip Away


iptu-reul beoseonan sunkan imi kudeojin geu mal
kananhaet-deon jinshil
eotkalligo dwiiyeonggyeot-ji. neul meol-kodo kakkawot-ji
beotkyeojin geurimja
shiseon meomun gos mada
songil dahneun gos mada
modu sarajyeo-gane
Let it crash
byeorang kkeu-te seoi-nneunkeon saeroun hyimanginkeonji
keunyang kkeuchin geonji
neul naye kuwoniyeotko tto dareun jugeumiyeot-ji
dwiiteu-llin geurimja
Let it crash


The moment it departed from my lips those words became clotted
Impoverished truth,
Mingled and entwined. It was always so far away yet close
The unclad shadow
Anywhere it stares
Anywhere it touches
Everything vanishes
Let it crash
Whether if it’s a hope at the end of the cliff
Or just a just a dead end
It was my salvation and yet a different death
The twisted shadow
Let it crash


입술을 벗어난 순간 이미 굳어진 그 말
가난했던 진실
엇갈리고 뒤엉켰지. 늘 멀고도 가까웠지
벗겨진 그림자
시선 머문 곳 마다
손길 닿는 곳 마다
모두 사라져가네
Let it crash
벼랑 끝에 서있는건 새로운 희망인건지
그냥 끝인 건지
늘 나의 구원이었고 또 다른 죽음이었지
뒤틀린 그림자
Let it crash

credit: @music.daum @romanization.WP @musictology.WP @nellband.tumblr




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