Nell – _ (Underbar)

nell-separationanxietyNell – Separation Anxiety



01 Separation Anxiety
02 Moonlight Punch Romance
03 Time of Collecting My Memories
04 Drifting Apart
05 Promise Me
06 1:03
07 Fisheye Lens
08 Afterglow
09 Tokyo
10 12 Seconds

11 _ (Underbar)


gwireul mageumyeon joyonghaejinayo
nuneul gameumyeon an bol su itnayo
maeumeul dadeumyeon
geu eotteon sangcheodo uri
batji anheulgeora mideotneunde

jinago naseo da deullideogunyo
jinago naseo da boideogunyo
jinago naseo modeun apeumi
mulmildeut geureohge millyeowa
cham himdeuldeogunyo

hamkke isseumyeon meomulleojinayo
memulleojimyeon haengbokhaejinayo
tteonaryeohamyeon eotteohge hanayo
butjaba bwado tteonaryeo handamyeon

jinago boni da ttokgatdeogunyo
jinago boni bujireobtdeogunyo
saenggakhaeboni hamkkehago isseul ttaedo
urin yeojeonhi

manhi oerowotjyo


if i cover my ears, will it get quiet?
if i close my eyes, can i not see?
if i close my mind
i trusted that id never get hurt

when time passed i heard everything
when time passed i saw everything
when time passed all the pain came
it was very hard

if we are together, will we stay together?
if we stay together, will we be happy?
but if one tries to leave, what to do?
what to do if one tries to hold on,
but the other tries to leave?

when time passed, it was all the same
when time passed, it was useless
now that i think about it, even when we were together
we were still always

very lonely


귀를 막으면 조용해지나요
눈을 감으면 안 볼 수 있나요
마음을 닫으면
그 어떤 상처도 우리
받지 않을거라 믿었는데

지나고 나서 다 들리더군요
지나고 나서 다 보이더군요
지나고 나서 모든 아픔이
물밀듯 그렇게 밀려와
참 힘들더군요

함께 있으면 머물러지나요
머물러지면 행복해지나요
떠나려하면 어떻게 하나요
붙잡아 봐도 떠나려 한다면

지나고 보니 다 똑같더군요
지나고 보니 부질없더군요
생각해보니 함께하고 있을 때도
우린 여전히

많이 외로웠죠

credit: @music.daum @romanization.WP @musictology.WP @nellband.tumblr



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