Nell – Meaningless

nell-healingprocessNell – Healing Process



01 Reality of Reality
02 The Island
03 Good Night
04 Counting Pulses
05 Longing
06 Beautiful Day
07 Healing Process
08 Losing My Mind
09 Good-bye
10 What Do You Think?
11 Taking A Walk On Ice

12 Meaningless

13 A Talk with the Afternoon
14 A.S
15 Limitation
16 51 Minutes Ago
17 Movie


sarangiraneun ke keurae, yongweon hal keotteunde
eoneu sungan modu kkeuthnabeoryeo
ibyeoriran keotdo keurae ardo shipjiga anheunde
eoneu sungan da arde deo peoryeo.

keuraedo neo keogjeongeun ma
kieogiraneun got maryeo kkeona pyeonrihage chagyonghe
todaeche anje keuraeddgyeoneun deut modu chiweobeorin chae
Cheongmal neomo igijagide, hogeun neomu chaninhage
ibeoneyamallo chinjjairgeorago saenggaghe. Saranghe.

maeumiraneun de keurae keureohge aryeobge aryeobge
yeoreonoheuyeon tashi tadyeobeoryeo
Keurigo tto sangcheoraneun te keurae jogobadgin cham swiunde
Chiyudoegin aju manhi eoryeoweo

Keuraedo na kagjeongeun ma
inganiran chonjae malyeo saenggan isangeuro yongganhae
todaeche anje keuraettnyeoneun deut ijeobeorin chae
cheongmal neomu taedanhage hogeun neomu meongcheonghade
ibeoneyeomallo chinjjairgeorago saenggaghe. Saranghe.

kyeordug urineun keureohge oerabji manhgi wihae
teutheobsi parbeodeung chal su page eopneun nayaghan jonjae
tyeorgug arineun keureohge honja namji ahngi wihae
tteutheobsi seororeul sogil su page eopneun pigeobhan jonjae


I thought love would be something eternal
But in an instant it all ended
I didn’t want to know what parting was
But in an instand I found out
Don’t worry about me
The thing called memory,
I operate it very usefully
I’ve erased the thought of “since when”
Very one-sidedly
Very cruel possibility
“I really think this time it’s real,
I love you”

That’s what your heart does, so hard so hard like that
When you open it up it closes right back
And that’s what a scar is
It’s easy to give and take, but its so hard to heal
Don’t worry about me
This occupation called being human
Just as you thought, it’s very courageous
I’ve erased the thought of “since when”
Very one-sidedly
Very cruel possibility
“I really think this time it’s real,
I love you”

I hope in the end we won’t be miserable
No matter how much I step on it, I can’t get rid of my weak existence
I hope in the end we won’t be left lonely
Til the end we have to fool each other, this unfair existence


사랑이라는 게 그래 영원 할 것만 같은데 어느 순간 모두 끝나버려
이별이란 것도 그래 알고 싶지가 않은데 어느 순간 다 알게 되버려
그래도 너 걱정은 마
기억이라는 것 말야
꽤나 편리하게 작용해
도대체 언제 그랬냐는 듯 모두 지워버린 채
정말 너무 이기적이게
혹은 너무 잔인하게
“이번에야말로 진짜일거라고 생각해

마음이라는 게 그래 그렇게 어렵게 어렵게 열어놓으면 다시 닫혀버려
그리고 또 상처라는 게 그래
주고받긴 참 쉬운데 치유되긴 아주 많이 어려워
그래도 너 걱정은 마
인간이란 존재 말야
생각 이상으로 용감해
도대체 언제 그랬냐는 듯 모두 잊어버린 채
정말 너무 대단하게
혹은 너무 멍청하게
“이번에야말로 진짜일거라고 생각해

결국 우리는 그렇게 외롭지 않기 위해
끝없이 발버둥 칠 수 밖에 없는 나약한 존재
결국 우리는 그렇게 혼자 남지 않게 위해
끝없이 서로를 속일 수밖에 없는 비겁한 존재

credit: @music.daum @ollehmusic @musictology.WP @nellband.tumblr @romanization.WP



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