Nell – Healing Process / Cure

nell-healingprocessNell – Healing Process



01 Reality of Reality
02 The Island
03 Good Night
04 Counting Pulses
05 Longing
06 Beautiful Day

07 Healing Process

08 Losing My Mind
09 Good-bye
10 What Do You Think?
11 Taking A Walk On Ice
12 Meaningless
13 A Talk with the Afternoon
14 A.S
15 Limitation
16 51 Minutes Ago
17 Movie


banjjak banjjak bitnadeon nae mameun swilteum eobsi jugobadeun
sangcheoui papyeone muthyeo ijen hanjulgi bitjocha
chaja bol su eobtneun chilheuk gateun eodumsoge

niga pilyohan naega yeogi itdago sorieobsi ulbujitneun naui maeum
songaragi hanassik jallyeonaganeun kkumeul kkuneun sansanjogak nan naui maeum

budi buseojin nae mameul chiyuhae jugil barae

moduegeseo meoreojin maeum
swil sae eobsi buseojineun su cheongaeui maeum

deullinayo nae chimmogui gohae
geu maeume dahatnayo
kkeuti eobtneun nae nunmului norae
geu sijageul algo itnayo

deullijin anhado neukkyeojigil baramyeo kkumeul kkuneun sansanjogak nan naui maeum.


My heart that used to shine, giving and receiving without any time to rest
Burried in pieces of my broken scars, I now follow one stream of light
A pitch-black darkness that I’m not able to find

The guy that needs you is right here
My heart silently weeps inside
I dream a dream that my fingers are getting cut off one by one
Like bits and pieces of my life, that’s my heart

I’m asking you a favor
My broken heart, will you please mend it back together

My heart that’s drifted far from everything
Is breaking into thousands of pieces without resting

Can you hear my silent confession
Did it reach your heart
My endless song of tears
Do you know the beginning of it

Even if you can’t hear, I’m hoping you’ll feel it
Bit’s and pieces of my heart that I’m dreaming of


반짝 반짝 빛나던 내 맘은 쉴틈 없이 주고받은
상처의 파편에 묻혀 이젠 한줄기 빛조차
찾아 볼 수 없는 칠흑 같은 어둠속에

니가 필요한 내가 여기 있다고 소리없이 울부짖는 나의 마음
손가락이 하나씩 잘려나가는 꿈을 꾸는 산산조각 난 나의 마음

부디 부서진 내 맘을 치유해 주길 바래

모두에게서 멀어진 마음
쉴 새 없이 부서지는 수 천개의 마음

들리나요 내 침묵의 고해
그 마음에 닿았나요
끝이 없는 내 눈물의 노래
그 시작을 알고 있나요

들리진 않아도 느껴지길 바라며 꿈을 꾸는 산산조각 난 나의 마음.

credit: @music.daum @ollehmusic @musictology.WP @nellband.tumblr @romanization.WP




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