Nell – Good-bye / Farewell

nell-healingprocessNell – Healing Process



01 Reality of Reality
02 The Island
03 Good Night
04 Counting Pulses
05 Longing
06 Beautiful Day
07 Healing Process
08 Losing My Mind

09 Good-bye

10 What Do You Think?
11 Taking A Walk On Ice
12 Meaningless
13 A Talk with the Afternoon
14 A.S
15 Limitation
16 51 Minutes Ago
17 Movie


gongheohan meariwa tto iksokhan natseoreumi
kkeuti eobtneun gidaewa chenyeomui somojeoni nal.

“eonjebuteoyeotnayo…jal saenggakhaebwayo”

algo isseumyeonseo wae jakku mutnayo.
ip dakchigo geunyang naenohgina haeyo

janinhan gwangyeui gisulgwa neomu yateun gamjeongui gipiga
boiji anhneun sueobsi manheun sesangui teuri nal.

api boijil anha hangeoreum naedideul ttae mada millyeo-oneun buranhame nan
sumi meojeul geot gata han alssik neomgyeojil ttae mada mogi meneun bichamhame nan
algo sipjiga anha geureohge aragal ttae mada dagaoneun duryeoum soge nan
sumi meojeul geot gata michil deut geueojil ttae mada nareul jibeo samjil i gotongeul kkeutnaego sipeo.

sonmogeul geutdeon mogeul medaldeon mworado haebwayo
ttwieonaerideon buswobeorideon eotteohge haebwayo jom…


The hollow echo, the familiar unfamiliarness
The endless expectations, the resignation of the war of attrition

“When did it start.. try to think really hard”

Why do you keep asking when you already know
Just shut your mouth and hand it over

A brutal relationship, too low for methods, these feelings are getting deeper
Not able to see anything, this world of countless thoughts mold me

Everytime I take a step I can’t see infront of me
This worry that keeps overpowering me
Every time I take a breath I feel as if I’m gonna choke
I choke from this misery
Everytime I’m wanting to know, I don’t want to know
Inside this terror that’s coming closer
I feel as if my breathing’s gonna stop, I get so dizzy I feel as if I’m going crazy
I want to end this tragedy that’s swallowed me up

Whether you cut your wrists or hang yourself, just say something
Whether you jump off or break something, just do something..


공허한 메아리와 또 익숙한 낯설음이
끝이 없는 기대와 체념의 소모전이 날.

“언제부터였나요…잘 생각해봐요”

알고 있으면서 왜 자꾸 묻나요.
입 닥치고 그냥 내놓기나 해요

잔인한 관계의 기술과 너무 얕은 감정의 깊이가
보이지 않는 수없이 많은 세상의 틀이 날.

앞이 보이질 않아 한걸음 내딛을 때 마다 밀려오는 불안함에 난
숨이 멎을 것 같아 한 알씩 넘겨질 때 마다 목이 메는 비참함에 난
알고 싶지가 않아 그렇게 알아갈 때 마다 다가오는 두려움 속에 난
숨이 멎을 것 같아 미칠 듯 그어질 때 마다 나를 집어 삼킨 이 고통을 끝내고 싶어.

손목을 긋던 목을 메달던 뭐라도 해봐요
뛰어내리던 부숴버리던 어떻게 해봐요 좀..

credit: @music.daum @ollehmusic @musictology.WP @nellband.tumblr @romanization.WP



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