MaleRose – Yak (Titan / Giant)

malerose-yakMaleRose – Yak



01 Yak

The world is like Lanka
People are yak, they’re like giants
Changing bad to good
Tricking the eyes and deceitful speech, envying each other

Why obstruct each other?
Why slander each other?
What do you get in the end?
It’s good, right?

(*) Before the ancestors said
Whoever is cruel, know that they
Will change into a yak or a serpent
To be the disdain of people

(**) Now yaks and serpents govern the country
Evil people strangely flourish
Serpents plague those who do good
There’s no escape, they’ve encircled us

(***) When serpents plague you, when the path is blocked
When there are yaks and demons struggling with your mind
However good we do, it’s still evil
Goodness can’t withstand it
Wear a yak mask and get ready
Break all the devils, kill them all

However much good we do
It never receives good back
Because there are always evil people everywhere

Like serpents are plaguing
We might have to endure it
But I’ll repeatedly refuse
I won’t let anyone oppress me


credit: @deungdutjai




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