Nell – That Memory / Like That Time / Such A Memory

nell-reflectionofNell – Reflection Of



01 Take Me With
02 Words You Shouldn’t Believe
03 It’s Like That Anyway
04 Trash
05 You
06 Second Time
07 Domestication

08 That Memory

09 Eden
10 4


neon naege
neon sojunghan
neon naege
neon areumdaun
neon naege
neon yeongwonhan

geureon saramingeol

neon naege
neon gwabunhan
neon naege
neon sojunghan

geureon saramingeol

neoui hyanggi, neoui useum, neoui modeungeol
neoui apeum, neoui sangcheo, neoui gieok
ijeul su eobtneun geol


You are, to me. You’re special
You are, to me. You’re beautiful
You are, to me. Oh. You’re permanent, someone like that.

You are, to me. You’re more than what I deserve
You are, to me. You’re fragrant.
You are, to me. You’re precious, such a person.
You’re.. Someone like that, you are…

Your scent, your smile, your everything.
Your pain, your wounds, your memory.
I can’t forget them. I can’t forget them.
That you someone like that, I can’t forget.
You’re.. You someone like that.


넌 나에게
넌 소중한
넌 나에게
넌 아름다운
넌 나에게
넌 영원한

그런 사람인걸

넌 나에게
넌 과분한
넌 나에게
넌 소중한

그런 사람인걸

너의 향기, 너의 웃음, 너의 모든걸
너의 아픔, 너의 상처, 너의 기억
잊을 수 없는 걸

credit: @ollehmusic @romanization.WP @nellband.tumblr @musictology.WP



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