Nell – Mute

nell-speechlessNell – Speechless



01 My Reason
02 A Story That’s a Little Sad
03 Stay With
04 Hourglass
05 Wall
06 Idiot Angel
07 Rather, I Will
08 Rain of Leaves
09 The Amount of Songs
10 Minus
11 Selection
12 Payback

13 Mute


Danji neomu eoriseogeossgie
Neomu jagassgi ttaemune
Eojjeol su eopseosseo
Danji jiulsuga eopseossgie
Geureolsuga eopseossgie
Eojjeol su eopseosseo

Naegen amu jalmosi eopseo nan
Eojjeolsuga eopseo

Danji mareul hal su eopseossgie
Wonmanghal su eopseossgie
Eojjeol su eopseosseo

Danji ijeulsuga eopseossgie
Geureol suga eopseossgie
Eojjeolsu eopseosseo

Oneul haruman nareul swige haejwo
Oneul haruman
Amumal marajwo


because i was such a fool

because i was so callow

there was nothing I could do
i couldn’t help it
because i couldn’t simply erase them
because i couldn’t
there was nothing i could do

it’s not my fault because
i couldn’t help it

simply because i couldn’t speak
because i couldn’t blame
there was nothing i could do

because i couldn’t foget
because i couldn’t
there was nothing i could do

please let me rest today
just for today
just today

don’t say anything


단지 너무 어리석었기에
너무 작았기 때문에
어쩔 수 없었어
단지 지울수가 없었기에
그럴수가 없었기에
어쩔 수 없었어

내겐 아무 잘못이 없어 난
어쩔수가 없어

단지 말을 할 수 없었기에
원망할 수 없었기에
어쩔 수 없었어

단지 잊을수가 없었기에
그럴 수가 없었기에
어쩔수 없었어

오늘 하루만 나를 쉬게 해줘
오늘 하루만
아무말 말아줘

credit: @ollehmusic @romanization.WP @nellband.tumblr @musictology.WP @nautiljon



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